Monday, October 12, 2015

Learning YOUR Roadmap!

I feel like that is a delicate way to talk about masturbation. I was recently looking through my Facebook news feed and saw a great article about masturbation and whether or not it was actually good for you.

I am from a fairly conservative area of the United States, and as with some other more conservative areas- there were all sorts of taboos about masturbation and what it would do to you.

No, I'm not saying that you have to masturbate if you currently aren't (but you would be in good company if you did-even if you have a partner) but there are plenty of benefits for it. I just want to help you to be an informed consumer.

I'm going to quickly highlight the one reason I feel the strongest about as a sexual educator:

Learning your personal roadmap

Have you ever been to a new city and you're not exactly sure where you're going ... and you're with someone who hasn't been to this city either? You feel kind of stressed out and awkward, but you have a smart phone that has GPS and you can sort of figure it out. It's not always easy and it may take you two some time to figure out where you're going but eventually you get there.

Contrast that to the same scenario but one of you is pretty familiar with where you are. Maybe they're not as familiar, but they know enough about the area that you don't really need your GPS and can sort of wing it. You can enjoy the car ride and looking at the scenery without being too concerned, because one of you knows the ropes.

...see where I'm heading with this?

Have you noticed how at ease you can be traveling with a local? Not only do they know exactly where they're going but they can take you to all the cool places you might not have found on your own. While its true that maybe you could have found that super delicious pancake house if you drove around enough- or stumbled on that really cool food truck- the added help of an expert will let you have the peace of mind that you're in good hands.

So let's talk about those hands.

Being a local doesn't mean you have to masturbate all of the time. Being a local may mean different things to everyone. I would suggest that you sit down and at least take a look at all you have to offer with a handheld mirror (that works a little easier for those of us who are female bodied) and check it out. This can be great for both personal and health reasons. Knowing what your body looks like when it is healthy can alert you to problems if you notice something doesn't look quite right. 

While I do suggest you test the waters on your own, you do not have to do this all the time if you feel uncomfortable doing so. This may just be a learning exercise for you and not an addition to your current sex life.

When you know what roads to take, and which roads to avoid (and which roads lead to dead ends) you can tell your partner and that will help your journey be all the more enjoyable. 

I want to reassure you that you are not a dirty/bad person for looking at your genitals. If you are concerned about this, aren't sure what you're seeing, would like some reassurance-- please reach out to me and I would be happy to coach you through exercises of learning your own, personal roadmap.



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